Each piece is unique, even if it is reproducible!

At the service of prestigious brands in industry and retail, we help our customers all over the world to improve their shopping experience by creating fittings with a strong personality while always maintaining efficiency and functionality.

FAMA GROUP is today a leading company in the design, production and installation of custom-made set-ups and furnishings.

Design and Planning

Whether it be a new concept for a stand, a store or a point of sale, our creativity interprets the client's requests to offer solutions that harmoniously meet their requirements.

Ergonomics and efficiency combine to express an identity and offer the public an immediate and effective representative picture.

Production and Logistics

Meticulous design ensures that every technical detail is implemented with care, precision and the utmost quality.

Our expansion has helped us provide the highest quality standards while remaining economically competitive. Furthermore, the growth of our production system sustains our prompt client response and high-quality guarantee, no matter the project complexity or size.

FAMA GROUP also operates as a General Contractor providing a complete logistics service.

This also makes us the ideal partner for the execution of complex works, such as large shopping centres.

Our history – a modern company rooted in a strong tradition

Founded in 2011 with the aim of bringing together under a single brand companies and professional figures of Turin's artisan excellence in the sector of custom-made fittings; in just a few years FAMA GROUP has become a leading company in the field of design, production and stand construction and commercial premises, without forgetting its historical vocation.

An exponential growth, which has led FAMA GROUP to equip itself with a team of professionals able to implement complete "turnkey" projects, from design to final implementation, meeting the multiple needs of the market.

FAMA GROUP combines the ancient techniques of Italian design carpentry with a very high level of engineering.

The products intended to furnish rooms are the result of a constant search for innovative designs. Yet it is the personality of each product, which must have a fundamental feature, that means each piece is unique, even though it is reproducible.

Woodworking and technology applied to obtain wooden objects remained almost unchanged for centuries, until the introduction of new machinery in the last century revolutionised industrial technology. And yet, the manual work of the artisan, their experience and ability to envisage the finished project, even before its completion, remains irreplaceable.

Whether it be a new concept for a stand, a store or a point of sale, the creative team of FAMA GROUP are able to interpret the customer's requests by proposing solutions in harmony with their objectives.